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Gin and Tonic. Or G&T.

Gin and Tonic. Or G&T.

Because you are even bothering to read a recipe for gin and tonic, we salute you. We’ll share a secret: G&T is the best cocktail ever. 


1 part gin - Which gin? You are reading our website, we’ll credit you with some intelligence.
2 parts tonic - It’s a question of taste. If you like a more floral G&T go for Double Dutch. 
If you like it sweeter go for Schweppes. Or just use whatever you find in the cupboard. 
The only rule is it does have to go ffffssssshhhht when you open it. Flat tonic is a no-no. 
Ice - ideally from a tray but at a push you could try scraping it off the inside of the freezer. On second thoughts, no, don’t do that. Get some ice from the corner shop. We’ll vouch for you when you say it’s an essential journey.
Slice (optional) - We prefer two semicircles of thinly cut lemon with no pips. There. We called it.

How to make it

Ice in glass
Pour gin on ice
Pour tonic on gin (careful now, it’s fizzy)
Slice on top 
Give it a stir if it needs it
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